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The absolute flagship of hot water portable self-contained pressure cleaning systems. 设计是超级多功能和超级耐用. 由市场上最好的部件组成. Every Mud Dog Trailer is built with a Honda Engine, General Pump, and Beckett Burner System. A 525-gallon on board water tank ensures your Mud Dog Trailer stays pumping until the job is finished. Dual Summit Hose Reels equipped with Super Swivels and Non-marking Hot water hoses allows operators to work safely in the harshest environments. 选择你的武器进行清洗, The Original Mud Dog Trailer comes complete with 3 gun and wand combos to tackle any one or two man operation. **8GPM Mud Dog Trailer: The same as the original Mud Dog Trailer just bigger and badder, 升级了本田GX690引擎, TSF General Pump, and VB33 unloading system for a monster cleaning system designed for primarily a two gun operation.**


This is a hospital grade sanitizer and disinfectant that can be used with a portable sanitation system. Great for:




Standard Features


  • 热水,温控器控制,两枪装置.
  • 本田GX630, 20HP发动机,两年保修.
  • 通用泵泵水在6GPM和3500PSI.
  • 5年保修期.
  • Beckett sure fire burner with indicator lights for power and ignition and heavy duty aluminum heat shield. 时间表80线圈来与一个5年保修.
  • Skid is powder coated and has a vibration isolated power platform with shock absorbing feet.
  • Unloader has a patent pending cool bypass system to make sure the pump does not get above ambient heat during bypass mode.​


  • Two 3500LB axles.
  • Tubular Chasis.
  • 电分离系统.
  • LED Lights.
  • 钻石镀站在挡泥板上.
  • Mesh lining.
  • 四加强tounge.
  • 2个5/16英寸连接器.
  • Wind up jack.
  • Elevated Reel Rack
  • Side steps


  • 525加仑水箱,带重载带
  • 35加仑化学品柜
  • 重型锁定工具箱
  • 两个高压峰顶软管卷筒.
  • 花园软管卷轴浮子阀和100英尺软管
  • 你可以选择三根魔杖,包括一根双枪.
  • 两个100英尺分段R1 4000PSI额定软管.
  • 旋转钥匙管道和手洗站.
  • 双低压化学药剂注入系统.
  • 吹灭冷冻器保护装置.
  • 额外的喷嘴和o形环
  • 所有东西都有一年的保修期.


首先,这是6012号泥狗. 每分钟6加仑,3500psi. 它在一辆6'乘12'的串联轴拖车上. 2, 3500 lbs. 车轴,你有一个刹车车轴. Your breakaway axle system is on the front of the trailer. You've got safety chains and this is your hookup for your breakaway axle. 你要做的就是把这个放进去 ... one of your S hooks around the bottom of your tow hitch. If that breaks away, it'll lock down your electric brake. The other part of your electric brakes is controlled through your lights, which is a seven circular. You've got a fold away jack, where you pull the pin, after you get hooked up, folds up.

The main power pack of the unit is a 6012, 20 horsepower. 6加仑/分钟. 3500 PSI. 你有两个15加仑的油箱. 你的燃烧器系统的柴油. 发动机的汽油. You've got a 12 volt, deep cycle marine battery, and then you've got a general pump.

Your engine has an hour meter, underneath the key switch. 当你戴上它的时候,这个是0.2 hours. 这里有个小红点, a LED light, 当你工作50小时后,它就会亮起来, 现在是你换机油的时候了, 为您的服务间隔. When it comes on, 你有两个小时, 当灯亮的时候, 在你换完油之后, 它会自动重置.

你可以控制油门. 你要把油门保持在3450. 这台发动机给电池充电, 哪个能把炉子打开, so you want to run that right where that throttle is set at 3450. Your pump takes 30 weight, non-detergent pump oil, but it only needs to be changed every 200 hours. 这是你的视镜. You want to make sure that oil is either clear, amber, maybe even brown. If it gets white, that means you've got moisture in it and we need to change it.

这是你的水过滤系统. All you've got to do, is take a number ten metric allen wrench ... there's a ten micron strainer in it, that'll catch any debris that comes out of your tank. So right now, you can see that we've pulled some debris in there. And so, it's gotten any of the debris that would've gotten in your pump. 它保护了你的气泵. So you want to clean that once a week, once a month, depending on how many hours you ... 然后用手把它清理干净. Make sure it's good.

过滤器的另一边是吹出阀. 那是什么,就像轮胎上的气门杆. You hook compressed air to it, to blow your system out in the winter time. 关闭水箱上的阀门. Push air, and it will blow all the water out from both of those hoses on your reels, so that any of the water that's in the system is purged. 所以,没有什么东西可以冻结、膨胀和崩溃. 这就是保护它不结冰的方法.

在你的泵上面,你有喷嘴储存. 你有65度, 哪一个是化学喷嘴, low pressure, a zero degree red, 50 degree yellow, 25 degree green, 40度白色喷嘴. The spray patterns are indicated underneath the nozzle. 

在那上面是恒温器. 它控制你的体温. It goes up to 248, but really this unit has got a 180 degree temperature rise, 所以在夏天, 如果水箱里的水有80度, 它向上180度. In the winter time, 当天气凉爽一点的时候, it'll still go up, but it won't get as hot because of the water coming in.

这是你的主燃烧器开关. You need to make sure you cut that off, or it will stay illuminated, and that's kind of telling you ... 引擎熄火的时候你就把它关掉.

你的燃烧器系统就在旁边, 你只需要知道一件事, 你们有内联燃油过滤器吗. 它能抓住任何碎片. We recommend you change that fuel filter every 50 hours, 和换机油的时间间隔一样.

Diamond plate step fenders, where you can step on these. We do recommend that you do not step on your light bar. It will support, but they are not meant as a step fender, so you can step on the tray.

The back of your tank, you've got a 35加仑化学品柜 with a vent. This one just has a plug on the bottom where you can unscrew your cap, 但是你体内的化学物质, and it's designed that where you can run your chemical lines from your injectors to your tank. 我们马上就会讲到.

这个客户还有两种化学品. 终极看门人, 哪一种是我们最畅销的产品, 用于房屋的任何外观, wood, vinyl siding, porches, roofs. 房子外面的任何东西. The only thing that you want to be mindful of this, you don't want it to dry on glass. 所以如果你事先把它弄湿, 我做每件事的方式, 被我浇湿的植物, apply the chemical, and then rinse back, and I rinse the vegetation as well because it has sodium in it. And there is a chance it could brown the plant, but any kind of mold, mildew, algae, gutter film ... 它让表面焕然一新.

然后你还要清洗你的设备. 这是你的答案61棕色设备清洗. 这是一个去油洗车场. 你可以洗任何涂过漆的表面. Actually, 我的卡车今天作为演示, 因为它需要它, 这个设备清洗, 你可以用它去油脂, 清洗任何一种腹部锅, hydraulic hoses ... 伐木设备,拖拉机拖车.

When you want to set up your trailer unit, you want to make sure you get on level ground. 这样你的水就会进入水泵. And also, your low oil sensor will not affect your engine. 如果引擎向后倾斜, 如果你在山上, 它可能会影响你的油传感器的智能插头, 它会切断点火装置.

所以你的水龙带卷轴被锁住了. 我们得解开这些. Unlock your bottom one and pull this hose out to your desired length. 泥狗有三种不同的魔杖. A three foot, a four foot dual lance one, and a 79 inch one.

We're going to hook the dual lance and the surface cleaner right now to demonstrate the proper cleaning process. 所以你把扳机锁上了. You're going to go to your unit, and I'm going to choke the unit. Got it on position.
 "To apply low pressure chemical turn handle all the way forward. Wait 15 sec."
 "To switch to high pressure rinse turn handle all the way back. 等待15秒,等待队伍清场."
 打开热水. 打开燃烧器开关,调节温控器."
  Your regular brass nozzle, you're going to have a wide fan. 
  The last thing that we want to talk about is two gun operation. 如果你有两个特殊的喷嘴, 我们的PSI是一样的, 但我们把全科医生的人数减半了. 所以betvlctor韦德国际手机版会小一些.
  你的圆形顶端是每分钟3加仑. So, 你要做的就是把小费放进去, and you can see the difference in the orifice size between the two of them. 每分钟3加仑的节流孔要小得多.

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